Ayurveda Retreat

A Special Opportunity to Balance, Rejuvenate and Advance Your Meditation Experiences and Life.

Taking time out in the midst of our busy lives is essential for our evolution and wellbeing. The Avalon Retreats are the ultimate extended residential experience close to home that Gary offers throughout the year.

On these Retreats participants receive their own individually tailored ‘Rounding’ program. For the unfamiliar ‘Rounding’ is a most advanced system which incorporates yoga, pranayama and meditation for a most powerful effect. The rounding program in concert with the knowledge brings the equivalent meditation benefit of 6+ months in only 4 days!

Each retreat centers on a particular theme of knowledge designed to confer a deeper understanding of oneself and how they can live more artfully and purposefully. Throughout the retreat you will also receive training in advanced techniques designed to hasten your progress into a higher state of consciousness.

The accommodation is truly stunning- set on two luxury houses overlooking the glorious ocean. Participants will all have their own private rooms, enjoy delicious vegetarian meals and refined knowledge. The Avalon Retreats commence Friday afternoon and concludes Monday afternoon. These weekends are profoundly restorative and most importantly lots of fun.

The Avalon Retreats work on a contribution basis. You offer what you can.


  • TBA

  • Friday to Monday – 4 days/3 nights
  • $1,200 Single

  • $1,900 Couples

* Please note that a prerequisite for the Avalon Retreats is that you have learned the Vedic Meditation Technique (or Transcendental Meditation)