The Benefits of Gary Gorrow’s GYM program

Increase in creativity.

Increase in Problem Solving Ability

Increase in Productivity

Reduction in stress

Improvement in ability to handle stress

To progress in the competitive world of business companies are required to continually innovate and enrich their workplace practices. The Harvard Business School along with INSEAD -Europe’s leading business school, determined from their extensive research that the two most effective business tools for twenty-first century executives are meditation and intuition.

In today’s fast-paced business world stress has become commonplace. The impact of stress is felt not merely on the performance of the individual but on the bottom line as well. A recent study estimated the cost of stress on Australian businesses to be over $14.8 billion per year for both absenteeism and presenteeism.

The leading science-based Meditation and Mindfulness programs Gary Gorrow delivers are proven to reduce stress, increase focus, creativity, engagement and productivity.  The results speak for themselves, as do over 300,000 peer reviewed scientific research papers conducted at universities and institutions throughout the world validating the benefits of meditation and mindfulness on performance.

Gary offers 3 Program Options
Meditation Training


4 week

GYM Program.
Grow Your Mind

Grow Your Mind

GYM Program.
Grow Your Mind

The Meditation Training and GYM Programs are tailored and delivered specifically to the needs and dynamics of every organization. Whether your company employs 20 people or 20,000, it benefit significantly from integrating these programs in the culture.

If you would like further information on this leading edge training or how Gary can help your business please contact us.

Increased Profits

Companies in the “Best Companies To Work For” category for a 4 year period increased their profits by 315% (Source Aon Hewitt).

Reduced Costs
Reduced Costs 1

By learning how to reduce stress, organisations will reduce absenteeism and presenteeism estimated to cost Australian businesses more  $14.8 billion per year (Source: Medibank).


The brain at positive is 31% more productive than the brain at negative, neutral or stressed (Source: University of Wisconsin)

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Likelihood of an employee being engaged is 9% in an organisation that doesn’t focus on employee strengths, and 73% in organisations that do (Source: State of the Workplace, Gallup).


Employees who have tools to reduce stress and awaken the potential of the brain and mind perform at levels well beyond their previous range.


Organisations that are able to develop a culture of wellbeing naturally enjoy the fruit of greater performance, retention and enthusiasm in the workplace which correlates with profitability and productivity.

Organisations embracing meditation and mindfulness.
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