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Hear Gary provide clear insight into the Vedic Meditation Technique and learn why it’s regarded as the most effortless and effective form of meditation.

Why Meditate?
Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand somewhere you will have heard the overwhelming evidence that meditation is good for you. In our busy, hectic world Vedic Meditation has not only become recognised by science as the most effective antidote to stress, but is also considered an indispensible life skill.

Vedic Meditation is an effortless, practical and proven technique that absolutely anyone can learn, millions have. It’s guaranteed to make you less stressed, more creative, happier, more productive and more adaptable to the demands of life.

The Technique
The Vedic Meditation technique is practiced for 20 minutes, twice each day while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. It can be done anywhere, on a bus, train, in the office or on the beach.

During the process the mind settles down in a very natural and spontaneous way, at the same time the body gains an extraordinarily deep state of rest- several times deeper than sleep! This deep dive within rejuvenates your entire system and causes your brain to function in a completely different way, thus bringing a myriad of benefits.

The Benefits

Neutralises Stress and Anxiety

20 minutes of Vedic Meditation brings a level of rest several times deeper than sleep. This unique state of rest eliminates stress physiologically promoting inner calm, more energy, better sleep, and less tension.


Better Health

Medical research estimates as much as 90% of all health problems are caused or aggravated by stress. Meditation eliminates stress physiologically and awakens the healing response of the body.


Reversal of Aging

Aging is accelerated by stress, but research shows that people who practice regular meditation actually reverse the biological aging process of the body and the brain.


Grow the Mind

The mind is without doubt our most precious, yet under utilized resource. Vedic Meditation systematically awakens your consciousness and infuses your mind with creativity and intelligence.


Transform the brain

Your brain governs everything you do, but like everyone else you likely use only 9% of it. Vedic Meditation awakens untapped regions of your brain literally increasing your grey matter.


Better Relationships

All too often stress gets in the way of our ability to relate as we know we should. Not surprisingly as our own health and happiness grows we naturally have more to give and our relationships spontaneously become more harmonious and fulfilling.


Increases productivity

Your brain governs everything you do. It makes sense that if you eliminate stress and enliven your brain you’ll be more successful and productive in all you do. Meditation increases IQ, creativity, memory and learning ability, promoting higher moral reasoning, emotional stability, maturity, alertness and reaction times.


Improves focus and alertness

During Vedic Meditation the mind gains direct access to the deeper, quieter, more powerful and intuitive levels of thinking. This experience systematically expands consciousness and infuses the mind with creativity and intelligence, bringing improvements in all aspects of mental performance and perception.


Increases Happiness and optimism

After meditating, the mind is fresher, quieter and happier. Awareness naturally moves to a higher default setting where feelings of inner contentment become the norm. You begin to respond in a completely different way to demands and pressure.

Success Stories
“Through meditation I experience a more beautiful day-to-day relationship with my inner-self.” Nicole Trunfio, Model and Actress.
Nicole Trunfio 1
Nicole Trunfio
"I met Gary and learnt Vedic Meditation at just the right time in my life. I can without doubt say that this has been the catalyst to a whole new chapter for me. You soon come to realise that everything is linked and happens for a reason, and as you tune in to your own intuition, riding the wave of life becomes a whole lot less stressful. Gary is a constant source of knowledge and wisdom and has become a great friend. Softly spoken his teachings resound loudly. What I and many friends who I have encouraged to learn from him have found is that Gary makes everything applicable to modern life and this means valuable tools for us.” Jasmine Hemsley Nutritionist. Best Selling Author.
Jasmine Hemsley
Jasmine Hemsley
Since his apprentice days, I’ve watched Gary metamorphose into a Vedic Master: a rishi [seer] and a guru [enlightener]; now he is a source of wise and trusted counsel to me.” Thom Knoles, Vedic Master & Thought-Leader.
Thom Knoles
Thom Knoles
Besides teaching me one of the greatest tools for life which is his meditation, Gary has been an incredible source of personal guidance. I’m sure he’s a 1000 year old man trapped in a young mans body!” Yasmin Sewell, Creative Consultant and Forecaster.
Yasmin Sewell
Yasmin Sewell
"This technique is extraordinary. It somehow calms and energises me simultaneously. I can’t bully enough of my friends into learning.” Zoe Foster, Author and Journalist.
Zoe Foster
Zoe Foster
Gary is deeply intuitive and very wise. The knowledge and meditation technique he taught me has enriched my life more than I can put in to words.” Callan Mulvey, Actor.
Callan Mulvey
Callan Mulvey
"We're all leading lives like a plate-spinning act in a Chinese circus. What a gift then, to find that the most peaceful place on earth is freely available at all times, because we carry it around with us. Gary's teaching of Vedic meditation is a thoughtful, practical user's guide to a ritual that is both incredibly simple but profound. It will leave you wondering why it's not practiced everywhere, from infants schools to the Houses of Parliament.” Richard Roxburgh, Actor.
Richard Roxburgh
Richard Roxburgh
"Before studying with Gary I could barely slow down and focus enough to write a single sentence. I think you’ll find this quote contains two, which is a testament to his excellent technique." Hamish Blake, Comedian, TV and Radio personality.
Hamish Blake
Hamish Blake
Gary has shown me what is possible and available when you’re made aware of what lies just beyond the apparent.” Gemma Ward, Model and Actress
Gemma Ward
Gemma Ward
“Gary has made a huge impression on my life. He hasn’t just found an elegantly simple way of teaching Meditation, Gary goes so much further with his philosophies of life and living. His words are so valuable that everyone should hear them” Jamie Durie, Television personality.
Jamie Durie
Jamie Durie
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