Bali Retreat
June 2021

The Bali Retreat has become the most celebrated and anticipated event on the Meditators calendar, bringing a rare opportunity to escape to paradise with like-minded people, gain advanced knowledge and above all partake in an intensive meditation program.

The Retreat Theme
The Bali Retreat, now in it’s 12th year, has become legendary amongst those who have experienced it first hand. The immersion grows in popularity every year and is barely promoted due to this word of mouth phenomenon. People tend to come because they feel a calling to experience something that is genuinely life changing. Every retreat is different and a theme emerges each year according to dynamic of the group and the spirit of the time. This year Gary is planning to take the Bali experience to an even higher level as he delves deeply into ancient wisdom of the Veda and delivers a systematic course of knowledge that centers around ‘Mastering your human design – tools, knowledge and insights for mastering the art of living’.

The Retreat Program
Each participant will engage in their own individually tailored program and receive instruction into the art of ‘Rounding’. For the unfamiliar Rounding is an advanced system which combines a specific Yoga Asana sequence (physical postures), Pranayama (Yogic breathing technique) Meditation and Shavasana (resting technique) which serves to prepare the mind for the deepest possible dive in meditation.

The Benefits
A ‘Rounding’ retreat of this intensity brings the equivalent benefit of 1-2 years daily meditation! Years of accumulated stress dissolve in only 7 days! This explains why the Bali Retreat is considered one of the most accelerated ways to establish oneself in a higher state of consciousness. It is also a time when Gary devotes special time to enlightening the intellect, mind and heart revealing practical and profound knowledge guaranteed to transform how you think about the world and yourself.
The process is deeply restorative for the nervous system and also you’ll experience a side of Bali seldom known, there’s also adventures in pristine nature, amazing food, remarkable connections and the social aspect is truly magical. The retreat promises to be profound, inspirational, practical and most of all a lot of fun.

This retreat venue is paradise. Far away from the hustle and bustle you will be staying in a beautiful ‘Beach Oasis’ where the calm ocean is literally at your doorstep. Participants will have their own private rooms with en suite, double bed, hot water and plenty of room for your program.

Who Should Attend?
Everyone! Meditators of all levels of experience are invited to take part. People from all walks of life come from across the world, the only prerequisite is that you have an open mind and have learned the Vedic Meditation Technique.

Date: June 2021
Contribution: $2,500 single. $4,300 couple/share
This fee includes; accommodation, food and tuition. It excludes airfares and transfers. A $500 deposit (non refundable) is required to secure your place. All currency is Australian Dollars.

Reserve Your Place.
This Retreat grows in popularity every year and is guaranteed to fill up. To secure your place you simply need to send us an email and we will take care of the process.

Please note that a prerequisite to attending this retreat is that you have learned Vedic Meditation, as it forms the basis of the retreat program. If you’ve not yet learned then you can do so in Bali with Gary before the retreat is underway or ideally in Australia months or weeks prior to the retreat.