Private Retreat

A Special Bespoke Retreat Experience

Life can be all consuming and overwhelming at times, which is why escaping one’s holding patterns is considered essential to sustaining our health and wellbeing. Many clients prefer private retreats as does Gary as it allows him to utilise his vast skill set and esteemed team to focus on a single person. This dedicated approach has been proven to achieve profound results time and time again.

Private Retreats take place in the glorious Byron Bay and are the perfect means by which you can receive a holistic, intelligently curated program guaranteed to fully reset you inside and out. Having worked with thousands of people over the past 20 years Gary has become expert at understanding the broad range of challenges people face personally and professionally, and more importantly how to remedy them.

Gary works holistically with each client. He is fully dedicated to the process and brings to the table a unique and broad repertoire of skills. He will leads an team of esteemed practitioners who work to to deliver specific aspects of each bespoke immersion.

Gary works with only a few people in this manner unique and what you can expect from a retreat varies depending on the client. To experience a private retreat Gary will first have a consultation with you, either in person or online, to gain greater insight into your personal situation and to determine he can best work with you and what program is going to be most optimal.

The private retreats in Byron Bay give you have the liberty to choose your own accommodation or we can take of all that for you. The duration of the retreat is flexible and varies for each person. If you’d like further the conservation please contact us and we will happily explore the options for you.


  • TBA

  • Friday to Monday – 4 days/3 nights
  • $1,200 Single

  • $1,900 Couples

* Please note that a prerequisite for the Avalon Retreats is that you have learned the Vedic Meditation Technique (or Transcendental Meditation)