Deep Day

We all know how important it is to take time out to restore ourselves, but it’s not always possible to do so in the midst of our busy lives. Most people give the majority of their time and energy to meeting worldly demands and almost no time to developing their consciousness and wellbeing.

Cognizant of this trend and further motivated with the understanding that every Meditator desires to develop their practice and enjoy deeper experiences, I’ve created the ‘Deep Day’. These half day intensives provide the unique opportunity to experience a range of techniques most notably ‘Rounding’ which is a powerful process bringing the integration of yoga/pranayama/meditation.

Rounding was developed by the ancient Rishi’s as a method to awaken consciousness and rejuvenate the mind/body. All these techniques when practiced in a large group become very powerful. It’s also a wonderful time to socialise with like minded people.

So if you’re interested in diving deep within then join us on this epic day.

Format: A deep half day group experience that starts at 2:30pm til 7pm.
Prerequisite: There is no previous experience in yoga required but you must have learned Vedic Meditation to qualify for the day.

Contribution: $120.
Venue: Avalon – Avalon Recreation Centre on Northern Beaches.
Registration: By email or simply register and pay via the payment system.
Space is strictly limited.

What is a Deep Day? A very special immersion. Think of a meditation/yoga class on steroids and you’re getting close. It’s a time to gain experiential knowledge of one’s highest state of being.



Date: TBC
Time: 2:30pm – 7pm Followed by drinks and treats
Contribution: $120

* Please note that a prerequisite for this Deep Day is that you have learned the Vedic Meditation Technique