Jamie Durie

“Gary has made a huge impression on my life. He hasn’t just found an elegantly simple way of teaching Meditation, Gary goes so much further with his philosophies of life and living. His words are so valuable that everyone should hear them”
Jamie Durie,
Television personality.

Jessica Gomes 1

"Gary has taught me to come back to my centre and follow my truth and what my gut and heart truly desire. Everything feels better and opportunities seem infinite after I meditate with Gary. I feel very grounded and at peace which makes me very happy.’
Jessica Gomes
Model, Actress.

Jasmine Hemsley

"I met Gary and learnt Vedic Meditation at just the right time in my life. I can without doubt say that this has been the catalyst to a whole new chapter for me. Gary makes everything applicable to modern life and this means valuable tools for us.”
Jasmine Hemsley
Nutritionist. Best Selling Author.

Richard Roxburgh

"We're all leading lives like a plate-spinning act in a Chinese circus. What a gift then, to find that the most peaceful place on earth is freely available at all times, because we carry it around with us. Gary's teaching of Vedic meditation is a thoughtful, practical user's guide to a ritual that is both incredibly simple but profound. It will leave you wondering why it's not practiced everywhere, from infants schools to the Houses of Parliament.”
Richard Roxburgh,

Hamish Blake

Before studying with Gary I could barely slow down and focus enough to write a single sentence. I think you’ll find this quote contains two, which is a testament to his excellent technique.”
Hamish Blake,
Comedian, TV and Radio personality.

Nadine Richardson 1

“I can honestly say that after 18 years of yoga practice and numerous meditation techniques attempted that Gary teaches the best, most effective, most scientifically proven and most thoroughly enjoyable way to meditate… and he’s a most wonderful teacher too.
Nadine Richardson.
Birth Educator. YogaTeacher. Founder SheBirths

Erika Heynatz 1

"Stillness was not something I had ever specialised in. With Gary as my teacher, I have learned how to be gentle with myself and the world around me. Surrendering to the simple practise of 20 minutes of VM taps into a deep reserve of calm, centred clarity, focus, positivity, energy & creativity. I now have the ability to access a lasting, peaceful state.”
Erika Heynatz,
Model, Actress, TV personality

Yasmin Sewell

“Besides teaching me one of the greatest tools for life which is his meditation, Gary has been an incredible source of personal guidance. I’m sure he’s a 1000 year old man trapped in a young mans body!”
Yasmin Sewell,
Creative Consultant and Forecaster.

Thom Knoles

“Since his apprentice days, I’ve watched Gary metamorphose into a Vedic Master: a rishi [seer] and a guru [enlightener]; now he is a source of wise and trusted counsel to me.”
Thom Knoles,
Vedic Master & Thought-Leader.

Zoe Foster

"This technique is extraordinary. It somehow calms and energises me simultaneously. I can’t bully enough of my friends into learning.”
Zoe Foster,
Author and Journalist.

Gemma Ward

“Gary has shown me what is possible and available when you’re made aware of what lies just beyond the apparent.”
Gemma Ward,
Model and Actress

George Gorrow

“My life is typically chaotic.
Vedic Meditation allows me to create clarity and peace time.”
George Gorrow,
Ksubi Fashion Designer.

Kerwin Rae 1

"Whenever I set out to learn something I always strive to study with the best in the business, that's why I choose to learn to meditate privately with Gary. Undertaking his training has had a truly elevating effect on my inner game.”
Kerwin Rae,
business strategist, entrepreneur and international speaker.

Graz Mulcahy 1

"The experience of mediation is a cleaning service for my whole system. With gary’s guidance my purpose as a human has been revealed and I continue to live a fuller life”
Graz Mulcahy,
Designer Graz Studio.

Eloise King

“Learning to meditate with Gary was like adding a magic weapon to my bag of tricks for more conscious, artful and open-hearted living. I am forever grateful for Gary’s gifts as my teacher. So much love.”
Eloise King,
Soul Sessions Founder and Journalist.

Stephen Dupont 1

"This meditation has been the gateway and balance of my soul. Gary is a amazing guide to balance and success.”
Stephen Dupont,
Photographer & filmmaker.

Callan Mulvey

“Gary is deeply intuitive and very wise. The knowledge and meditation technique he taught me has enriched my life more than I can put in to words.”
Callan Mulvey,

Vedic Meditation

“Through meditation I experience a more beautiful day-to-day relationship with my inner-self.”
Nicole Trunfio,
Model and Actress.

“I had always considered myself a meditator. It had worked for me for the last 12 years and I had never really thought about how much better it could be. I was very wrong. From the moment I walked into Gary’s space, I felt calm and centered. It took just the first meditation with the techniques given for me to go deeper than I have ever experienced. Far deeper. I felt the most relaxed than I have in years. Needless to say the rest of the course only got better. Since finishing the course, gary’s teachings, have become an integral part of my life. I have never had visible stress. It has always been internal. My daily meditations have elevated the majority of my internal stress. I am more focused, more committed and generally enjoy my life a whole lot more! I would recommend Gary’s teachings to anyone looking to improve their life. Plain and simple”.
Cam MacArthur,
Connector and Entrepreneur.

A tremendously busy job, hectic lifestyle and a penchant for mind-blowing PMS led me into the sweet, sweet arms of Vedic Meditation. Since practicing, I have definitely noticed a marked decrease in both my work-related stress freak-outs and my monthly aggression marathon. I find that I can deal with those everyday stresses so much less emotionally now. As a writer, I have found that a 20 minute dip into my mantra gets the proverbial juices flowing much quicker (and for a longer period) than a steaming hot cup of java – my usual trick when in need of some inspiration to thump keys.
The thing about Vedic Meditation is if I ever forget to practice, I pay for it, I really notice a huge difference. However just a few days back in the glorious land of closed-eyes and mental-hums and I feel at peace with this crazy little world.
Zoe Foster,
Journalist and author.

I can honestly say that after 18 years of yoga practice and numerous meditation techniques attempted that Gary teaches the best, most effective, most scientifically proven and most thoroughly enjoyable way to meditate… and he’s a most wonderful teacher too.
Nadine Richardson.
Birth Educator,Dhoula,YogaTeacher.

“With my hectic travel schedule and juggling several projects at a time, I don’t find a lot of time for rest and 20 minutes of meditation, morning and night, is equivalent to many hours of sleep. I can now do this on the plane or I can find a quiet moment anywhere to reconnect myself again. Its a battery charge for the busy, its a moment of peace for the frantic and its a reconnection for the soul when you’re getting pulled in too many different directions.And for all of those reasons Gary’s teachings and Vedic Meditation have had an incredible effect on me, not just personally but for my work life.”
Jamie Durie.
Landscape designer, Journalist, Entrepreneur and Television Personality.

I knew I needed to meditate and shopped around to try various techniques.What really drew me to this technique was its simplicity, its effortlessness and accessibility. I was a broker and led a very busy active life and I found I could fit the 20 minutes morning and night very easily into my daily schedule. Very quickly I noticed changes in my life. I started sleeping well, I was calmer, I was drawn to healthier foods, my noisy mind quieted down, stress dissolved. I was much much happier. As time went on I found the results just kept coming and coming and a level of bliss began to pervade my dailyexperience.All this without having to change my job,my partner,pick up a religion or wear robes! There is no question for me, this is the ideal technique for integrated living.
Tom Cronin.
Stock broker.

Since I started meditating my life has completely changed … for the better! I really feel that a veil has been lifted and I am starting to truly see what living is all about and how to navigate the uncharted waters of life. I feel that VM (Vedic meditation) is an essential tool to living our true purpose.Through this meditation I have found a deeper connection with myself and with others in my life. I feel a new sense of joy and love in my life. I feel a happiness from within that is independent of external events. My work has started to flow more effortlessly and more successfully, as has my life as a whole. Life has become an exciting adventure. I feel so lucky to have been given this incredible gift.
Julia Berkley.

I work as an investment banker and I have to admit I was very sceptical about learning to meditate. For one I never imagined I would actually be able to do it and secondly I wasn’t sure whether it would agree with my style of living. Having learned this technique with Gary I can honestly say it has had an enormous impact on my life. My health has improved, stress levels are nonexistent, my mind is clearer, my wife and kids say that I’m much nicer to be around. So I can report first hand that meditation isn’t just for hippies anymore, it’s for anyone interested in a better quality of life.
James Rally.
Investment Banker.

I came to Gary at a time when I was riddled with anxiety and panic attacks at least three times each day and had been that way for several years.Things became so bad that I did not know how to go on with life.As I practiced meditation twice each day I was able to feel more calm and more comfortable within my body.As the weeks passed I started to notice things shifting and after about 7 weeks of meditating my anxiety disappeared.This was a joyful feeling and something I never thought possible. I continued to meditate and magical things started to happen in my life. In the short space of five months I have began to feel simply peaceful and have started to ‘see’ the world around me.To appreciate the people around me. To enjoy the creative work life that I have.The way I interact with my work colleges and handle demands has changed dramatically. For the first time in many years I feel happy and more creative. I continue to meditate and continue to gain so much unexpected benefit. I now feel peaceful inside no matter what happens in my day, this is a wonderful gift.
Avrill Stark.
Film Producer.

I thought meditation was all about dolphins and rainbows! But after suffering a serious head injury my nervous system was sent into melt down, my blood pressure went through the roof and I experienced panic attacks from hell. I’m proof meditation not only works, but is the best thing you can do for yourself.
Jeremy Hancock.
Creative Director.