Mentoring Session.
In the same way that the eyes cannot see themselves, we’re often unaware of the limitations we set within ourselves. Private consultations provide the ideal format for Gary to deliver personalised knowledge, private counsel and techniques that assist in developing all areas of your personal and professional life.

Each mentoring sessions is tailored to meet your unique needs. Private consultations run for 60 or 90 minutes.  Sessions are done either by phone/skype or in person. If you would like to experience a private session with Gary please contact us for further information.

Mentoring Programs.
For those wishing to accelerate their personal development Gary offers programs tailored specifically to your individual needs. In this training your progress becomes the Gary’s sole focus and he makes available to you his entire range of knowledge and years of experience in the field of human potential.

This systematic training process is guaranteed to improve all areas of your personal and professional life. During the training program you will be learning practical wisdom and science-based tools that will enable you master the art of living, eliminate stress and most importantly achieve a higher state of consciousness.

Mentoring packages available consist of either 5, 10 or 15 sessions. The training structure is typically 1 session per week thus ensuring that momentum is sustained and appropriate time is given for you to fully integrate the practices and knowledge you’ll be obtaining.

Sessions are done in person or by phone/skype for those interstate or overseas. If you’re ready to move forward in your life then undertaking a personal program is the ideal way to do so. Contact us for further information.